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Exclusive furniture

Exclusive furniture. If you have your own idea for a piece of furniture, exclusive furniture, made just once and uniquely for you from solid wood, you couldn't have found a better place.

We offer manufacturing of exclusive tables, chairs, desks, book shelves, studies, offices and paneling. All we need is a photo, design drawing, sketch and a dream piece of furniture can be found in your home.

Thanks to the courtesy of the owners of exclusive furniture manufactured by us, we present you with a few pictures in the gallery.


We guarantee transport services for our products. Our delivery trucks and experienced drivers guarantee timely delivery of our products in an impeccable condition.


Proper installation of stairs, doors and windows is equally as important as their professional manufacturing. Therefore we at ZEP – Jendrasiak always offer installation services with our products. ZEP – Jendrasiak professional installation teams through their commitment, experience and very earnest work guarantee satisfaction from our products for many years to come.

Exclusive wooden furnitureExclusive wooden furnitureExclusive wooden furniture

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