Strona Główna Interior wooden doors

Interior doors.

ZEP – Jendrasiak interior doors are a guarantee of quality and reliability.

Pictures shown in the gallery are just examples. We offer full customization of presented models through replacement of panel for glass and vice versa, replacement of strips and moldings. It is also possible to tailor a finish bespoke for a customer. We produce doors based on projects, sketches or photos.

All doors are made to measure so there is no concept of "unusual measurement". The company has the necessary experience and machinery to fabricate detailed interior doors. For instance according to restorer's requirements.

We offer most of the domestic wood species. For surface finishes we use clear coat, mordant staining, RAL palette painting, oiling,  waxing and special coating such aging, whitening and brushing.

Each doors include: a door wing, a wall thick frame, a lock, a seal and 3 hinges.

Lead time 5 – 6 weeks.


We guarantee transport services for our products. Our delivery trucks and experienced drivers guarantee timely delivery of our products in an impeccable condition


Proper installation of stairs, doors and windows is equally as important as their professional manufacturing. Therefore we at ZEP – Jendrasiak always offer installation services with our products. ZEP – Jendrasiak professional installation teams through their commitment, experience and very earnest work guarantee satisfaction from our products for many years to come.

Interior wooden doorInterior wooden doorInterior wooden doorInterior wooden door

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