Strona Główna Stairs on concrete or metal

Stairs on concrete and metal frame

Stairs on concrete and metal frame. If you have a concrete construction or a steal frame and would like to cover it with wooden steps and finish with a balustrade we can help you.

Thanks to the use of latest techologies and modern design we will make you stairs look beautiful, light, transparent or pompous. It's all up to your idea for your home interior. We offer expert advice on technology.

In the process of manufacturing stairs on construction we use European and exotic species of wood. For surface finishes we use clear coat, mordant staining, RAL palette painting, oiling,  waxing and special coating such aging, whitening and brushing.

We offer a full range of balustrades. They can be wooden, combined with stainless steal and glass. Balustrades can also be forged.

Deciding to buy our stairs you choose the highest quality at a reasonable price and a full satisfaction from the choice you make.


We guarantee transport services for our products. Our delivery trucks and experienced drivers guarantee timely delivery of our products in an impeccable condition.


Proper installation of stairs, doors and windows is equally as important as their professional manufacturing. Therefore we at ZEP – Jendrasiak always offer installation services with our products. ZEP – Jendrasiak professional installation teams through their commitment, experience and very earnest work guarantee satisfaction from our products for many years to come.

Stairs on concrete or metal constructionStairs on concrete or metal constructionStairs on concrete or metal constructionStairs on concrete or metal construction

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