Strona Główna Wooden stairs

Wooden stairs

Wooden Stairs are not only an integral element of a house they are also a piece of furniture, which gives the interior an individual character. Thanks to the highest quality of used materials, professional manufacturing and unique arrangement the stairs produced by ZEP – Jendrasiak are truly one of the kind.

An individual character of the stairs is a result of:

  • consideration for customer requirements and needs,
  • expert advice of salesman and engineers at ZEP – Jendrasiak,
  • use of wood in combination with stainless steel, glass, stone and forged elements,
  • various wooden surface finishes including clear coat, mordant staining, RAL palette painting, oiling, waxing and special coating such aging, whitening and brushing,
  • use of European and exotic wood species,
  • adoption of bending, turning and sculpturing techniques in stairs manufacturing.

Upon purchasing stairs with our company we offer:

  • free measurements, design and visualisation,
  • design and technology advice,
  • professional production,
  • transport,
  • installation,
  • after sales service,
  • guarantee.

We execute orders on short notice.


We guarantee transport services for our products. Our delivery trucks and experienced drivers guarantee timely delivery of our products in an impeccable condition.


Proper installation of stairs, doors and windows is equally as important as their professional manufacturing. Therefore we at ZEP – Jendrasiak always offer installation services with our products. ZEP – Jendrasiak professional installation teams through their commitment, experience and very earnest work guarantee satisfaction from our products for many years to come.

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